Oak Grove Adventure Fellowship

The Oak Grove Adventure Fellowship has been active among our congregation for several years! My wife Sarah and I are proud to continue making an effort to bring the members of our church and our community closer to one another through the appreciation of God and all of the majesty and wonder that comes with creation. This year we look to grow this fellowship by encouraging increased involvement, offering new and exciting activities, and keeping Jesus at the center of the heart of this group. Listed below are our mission, motivation, methods, and contact information for your convenience!

Our Mission

The Outdoor Adventure Fellowship seeks to 1.) Move God’s people toward a greater appreciation of God’s creation, 2.) Encourage a deeper level of involvement and participation for individuals in the church and the outdoors, 3.) Serve as an avenue for believers to grow closer to one another in Christ, 4.) And be an entry point into the church for those seeking a new relationship with God.


Our Motivation

At the Oak Grove Church of Christ, we love God and we love people. The Outdoor Adventure Fellowship is motivated by the command of Christ to love those around us and to reach the world by sharing in the love we have been shown by our Heavenly Father.

Our Method

The Outdoor Adventure Fellowship accomplishes its mission by creating unique experiences and organizing extracurricular activities for both believers and non-believers alike to participate in. Reaching the world requires going into it. The Outdoor Adventure Fellowship is taking the church into the world by offering interesting and enjoyable outings for ALL people to experience the joy a saving relationship with Christ can offer.


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Contact Information


Donald F. Damron

Sarah Damron



Facebook: Oak Grove Outdoor Adventure Fellowship